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Great Houses of New York, Volume 1, 1880--1930. 2nd edition.


Michael C. Kathrens
9 x 12 inches, 336 pp.,
Clothbound, dust jacket $75
Over 300 photographs and plans
ISBN: 978-0-926494-343
January 2015 

, 1880-1930  (Volume 1) presents the stories of 43 most elegant houses built in New York. With over 300 archival photographs and floor plans and a decade of research, Michael Kathrens profiles New York houses known only for their magisterial presence on the city s most elegant boulevards, some of which still exist today.

IN the book the lavish rooms are brought to life again polished black and white columns reflect in the marble floor of a grand entryway, Dutch master paintings line damask walls in the second floor reception room, a crystal chandelier softly lights a dining rooms whose boiserie glows with paintings by Boucher evoking the elegant private life that has become a trademark of the wealthy New Yorker.

Originally issued in 2005, the book has been reformatted and now includes 5 "new" archival photos and 2 plans not found in the first edition. It now pairs with Volume 2, first published in 2013.

Long a classic, this book and others by the author established a genre that has come to be imitated by many others.



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