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Mediterranean Domestic Architecture in the U.S.


Rexford Newcomb
With a new Introduction by Marc Appleton
 9 x 12 inches, 276 p.p.,
223 pages of plans and photographs. 
Cloth, dust jacket $69
ISBN 978-0-926494-13-9

American architecture has been influenced by Spanish and Italian motifs since the early days of the Republic. Spanish Colonial architecture, in particular, made its way into the southern reaches of the United States, especially in the former Spanish domains. In the 1920s, Spanish-style architecture was very popular across the warmer climates of California, Arizona, New Mexico, the Gulf Coast and Florida. Influences from Italy and Northern Africa were also finding their way, indirectly, into this peculiar American interpretation of Mediterranean architecture. These early influences continued to hold sway on the design of building into the late twentieth century.
Rexford Newcomb selected some of the finest American houses in this "Mediterranean" style to illustrate his 1928 survey. He included 77 estates and residences, and one hotel, with designs by Wallace Neff, George Washington Smith, Marion Sims Wyeth, Myron Hunt, Marston Van Pelt and Maybury, Sumner Greene, and many others. Each building is illustrated by plan and photographs. Geo-graphically, California and Florida dominate the survey, with designs from as far north as Pittsburgh and Cleveland.



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