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America is a land of unprecedented natural beauty and scope. As the country's great cities expanded in the nineteenth century, it was to this landscape that Americans turned in the first decades of the twentieth century for respite from the stress of urban life and to renew their bond to a landscape they saw as the enduring symbol of Americans greatness. From the icy waters of Maine's Northeast Harbor to the gentler shores of Palm Beach, from Bailey's Beach in Newport to the faux-rustic camps of the Adirondacks, the creators of America's great fortunes, both old and new, communed, played, and cut deals, hiring what would become the fathers of American architecture to build French chateaux, Scottish castles, old-money cottages, and Venetian villas suitable for the ruling classes seeking a sometimes tenuous balance between fantasy and respectability. Mile-long driveways, private docks for ocean cruising yachts, horse paddocks, acres of greenhouses, private bowling alleys and movie rooms were essential amenities in this gilded world where time spent at the club and sit-down dinners for fifty lakeside were the natural compliments to lunch at the city club and evenings on Fifth Avenue.
An Elegant Wilderness: Great Camps and Grand Lodges of the Adirondacks
Houses of the Berkshires, 1870-1930 Revised edition
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