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When the first settlers of America stepped onto the shores of the North Atlantic, they encountered a rich, pristine wilderness. For over three hundred years Americans have sought to develop and inhabit that wilderness in ways that both expand its potential and define a uniquely American way of life. This engagement with a vast continent has necessitated the simultaneous development of cities and the preservation of open countryside.

The Acanthus Press Urban and Suburban Domestic Architecture series present landmark domestic buildings of the last two centuries. The history of these houses and apartments is the history of eminent clients and their architects as they addressed the varied needs of American domestic life. Houses, both traditional and modern, are individually profiled with floor plans, documentary photographs, and the history of owners and their architects. In each book, over 40 houses are examined in detail. Appendices at the back include a portfolio of up to 60 more houses, short architects' biographies and essential bibliography.
North Shore Long Island: Country Houses, 1890-1950
North Shore Boston
Main Line: Country Houses of the Philadelphia's Storied Suburb, 1870-1930
Great Houses of New York, 1880-1940. Volume 2
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